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The Journey of Agrivet

Animal Husbandry as an industry has huge potential in India though lack of international exposure and bias in knowledge dissemination impede with its growth thus categorizing the industry as an unorganized one in this subcontinent.

The gap between the organized and large-scale corporates vis-à-vis the small and medium range entrepreneurs playing in this industry is enormous. While the former continuously scaling up their size of operation by embracing new technologies and inventions with the inputs from the experts in this field the small and medium player always face a scalability challenge due to limited access to the latest technical knowhow.

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The journey begins

  • August - Poultry Research Centre started at a rented farm with a hired feed plant
  • August - First domestic research project undertaken
  • August - First international consulting assignment initiated
  • August - Started domestic and international pre-shipment inspection service of ingredient

Taking off

  • February - First international research project undertaken
  • March - Established the own research facility at GLB
  • August - The first placement took place in own research farm at GLB
  • December - Started own Mash Feed plant for research feed manufacturing

Cruising ahead

  • November - The commercial layer research facility established
  • December - Research capacity expansion at DGN

Cruising ahead

  • September - Agrivet completes the 50th Research Project

On the way to expansion

  • August - Wet Chemistry laboratory started functioning
  • November - Prototype processing unit established

Precision and consolidation

  • March - Agrivet knocked a ton – the 100th research project got completed
  • May - The Near Infrared Spectroscopy facility started
  • June - Commissioning of specialized stressor stimulus research facility
  • August - Digestibility trials initiated, ELISA started functioning
  • November - Pilot scale Pellet mill started manufacturing the research feed

Time to transform and upgrade

  • June - Started establishment of the “Egg Sanitation & Processing Unit”
  • July - The walk-in chiller for table egg and processed chicken storage established
  • August - Passed the global quality and process audit - RBI Approval Food Audit

Stepping in into customer services

  • January - The 150th Research Project completed
  • April - Complete animal health and nutrition laboratory service launched to cater to the need of the industry
  • June - The Agrivet School – a perfect blend of and hands on experience – is launched
  • December - Established own Molecular Biology Laboratory. Started working on projects involving Metagenomics.
  • January - Construction of Aqua Research Facility Started.
  • August- On 7th August, Agrivet completed 10 years of it’s voyage in Animal Husbandry and Livestock management.
  • August- On 11th August, Agrivet Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has been named as Agrivet Research & Advisory Pvt. Ltd.
  • February - Aqua Research started.
  • April - Metabolic Room setup.

Our Team

  • A group of qualified and experienced veterinarians, having expertise in poultry and dairy nutrition, breeding and management, young and energetic, inclined towards modern scientific techniques …
  • Working as a “TEAM” with individual domain expertise in different areas of livestock operation.
  • Experience of working in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and other South Asian countries.
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  • Shivaji

    Dr Shivaji Dey Director

  • Sudipto

    Dr Sudipto HaldarDirector

  • Anirvid

    Dr Anirvid SarkarDirector

  • Amrita

    Dr Amrita Kr Dhara Director


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